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Prices, upward trend continues

Reports - 14 September 2017

Common increases for many long, flat and stainless steel products. Steel prices on the Italian market continue their upward trend. A price survey conducted by Siderweb last September shows that the upward trend is continuing. The increases are spread across all products: flat, long, stainless steel. Raw materials increased from 5 to 45 euros per […]

Chinese market prices still rising

Reports - 14 September 2017

Prices still rising in the Chinese market, the trend stays unchanged. In the first seven days of September, the quotations of raw materials and main steel products confirmed the upward trend of the previous months and more specifically compared to the same period of the previous month, here are some quotations of reference. cast iron […]

Rising prices in China

Reports - 1 August 2017

Prices of raw materials and steel products rose, except for cast iron and stainless steel. The last week of June saw an increase in the main steel products on the Chinese market, except for cast iron, whose price remained stable at USD 405 per tonne. In more detail: Cold-rolled coils 0.5-1.0 mm +2.40% (from 613.09 […]