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Applied Engineering

Engineering services applied to building and road construction sector

Applied engineering according to SteelMedia

At SteelMedia it is the physical and material concretisation of any thought or idea, it is the process of rationalisation and feasibility check which leads to the implementation of a project while maintaining the initially conceived aesthetic features unaltered.

SteelMedia is a specialist in the design and manufacture of structural steel components. It boasts a long-standing collaboration with structural engineers who are experts in the field and directly supported by the technical department.

Civil engineering, our services

The technical department is the source of all preparatory activities for the smooth running of the order. All product specifications are analysed and the most suitable solutions worked out. Everything is done in accordance with current legislation and imposed quality standards.

Instrumental surveys

On-site visits for feasibility studies and instrumental surveys are part of our daily routine. It is a delicate phase of the design process we address with appropriate tools and qualified personnel.

3D modelling

The latest generation of 3D parametric software has been introduced for greater safety and speed in the preparation of workshop drawings, enabling even the most complex structural assemblies to be dealt with easily.

Structural calculations

All our structures are statically tested and dimensioned in compliance with statutory regulations. We use both traditional calculation methods and finished element solvers, depending on the complexity of the work.