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Steel budgets: the future from young people and beyond

Disclosure - 17 November 2017
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Young people and companies, a perfect match for 2018

The Bilanci d’Acciaio 2017 meeting was held in Milan, dedicated to young people and companies, where trends from both the human and entrepreneurial point of view were highlighted.

Andrea Cabrini, a Class CNBC journalist, acted as moderator for the meeting, which was attended by Acciaierie Venete CEO Alessandro Banzato, Keyline CEO Mariacristina Gribaudi, Marco Mandelli, Head of Corporate and Investment Bank UBI Banca and Antonio Marcegaglia, Chairman of the Marcegalia Group.

A clear human approach came from Mariacristina Gribaudi, who imagines a future for steel with the inclusion of motivated and capable young people, but above all with an increase in female resources in companies.

The topics addressed by Antonio Marcegaglia and Alessandro Banzato, on the other hand, were directed towards corporate strategy, where they wanted to highlight the steel market trends for 2018.

Marcegaglia’s words to companies and young people:

“The sector has seen improvements not only in specialities but also in commodities, particularly plans. For the future I see three main emerging trends on which we will have to shape our business strategy. The first is that of consolidation, not only for the Ilva operation we are involved in but also for the joint venture announced between Tata and Thyssenkrupp. In addition, there is a regionalisation of markets characterised by protectionism and a propensity for manufacturers to join and vertically integrate along the supply chain”.

Marcegaglia himself wanted to point out that even small enterprises will have to find more synergies and cooperation.

Mandelli also sees the 2017 trend as positive, and this too is good news for young people as well as companies, highlighting the merit of entrepreneurs in their ability to evolve by increasing quality compared to their competitors.