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About us

A resource for demand, an opportunity for supply, this is what we aim to be.

SteelMedia in the world of civil engineering

SteelMedia was born from the synergy of three important professional backgrounds: commercial experience and history, management skills and absolute technical expertise. The critical aspect in the development of a business has always revolved around the ability to focus on the right balance required for the encounter between “demand” and “supply” and, paradoxically, it is a crucial hub for both sellers and buyers. In a highly technical sector such as steel structures, this aspect becomes even more complex and articulated. On the one hand, we have the customer who would like to have a single interlocutor capable of dealing with all the processes involved in an order: engineering, design, production, galvanising, painting, installation and issuing of all the relevant documentation; on the other hand, we have different companies: technical offices, structural steelwork, painting, galvanising, assembly teams … which obviously, and rightly so, cannot go beyond their specific skills.

Applied engineering







Metal structures: acquisition, design, development and installation.

SteelMedia has set itself the goal of providing a clear and comprehensive response to “demand” and an opportunity for those wishing to place their “offers”. First and foremost, we have the technical/commercial skills to acquire the orders, we can provide the customer with a wide range of support – from engineering, to site surveys, through to all the development steps up to installation – relying on a specialised technical office and about 50,000 square metres of production space. Secondly, we are able to make it possible for project companies to draw on a portfolio of orders specifically based on their core business, thus optimising their company resources as much as possible by eliminating those aspects on which the different structures might be less effective.

Why SteelMedia?

The world of work, and in particular the steel sector, is almost saturated with manufacturing, processing and subcontracting companies. So why choose SteelMedia as your partner? The answer is not easy… we would rather have facts speak for us and make people understand why we are different. SteelMedia is a new business concept based on the personalities and expertise of its constituent members. Each with a different work background, experience and specific preparation, synergistically brought together by a project to achieve the highest aims in terms of professional and personal satisfaction. SteelMedia is based on human relations and attaches excellent value to ethical exchanges. Sometimes our services overshadow (but never lose sight of) the economic aspect with respect to achieving the final goal, which then results in the success of an order and the subsequent customer and supplier’s satisfaction.

Processing cycle

The Team

Salvatore Bariatti

Salvatore Bariatti

General Management

Experience and expertise, a point of reference for every need.
Careful about every professional and human issue, objective and crucial in every judgement, you can discuss anything and everything with him.

  • Amateur photographer
  • Traveller
Henri Castellan

Henri Castellan

Purchasing & Sales Manager

A guiding light for all your commercial activities. In-depth knowledge of all purchasing and sales dynamics.

  • Keen, precise and punctual
  • Ever-present
Damiano Guarise

Damiano Guarise

Technical & Quality Manager

Engineer, drawing and design guru. He has strong experience in every stage of order development.
He also oversees SteelMedia graphics and aesthetics.

  • He suggests staff training plans
  • Smart Working supporter
  • Web Developer.