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Raw materials quotations rise

Note - 17 July 2017
Business owner

According to a note recently issued by Assofermet, a change in the trend of raw material prices is highlighted.

After a period of stagnation, slight increases have been seen since June.

The relevant data in the released note show the following trends:

  • increase in prices on the Turkish market confirming the reversal of the trend
  • Northern Europe and Spain, price drop in early June, recovery in the second half of June
  • in Italy, prices stable on the values of the previous month with a slight increase towards the end of the month

Confirmed the difficulty of cast iron and ferroalloys, which are currently still weak.

In detail, with regard to cast iron – concludes Assofermet -, the strengthening of the euro against the dollar caused some downturn in the second half of June, until then the trend was stable. On the other hand, ferroalloy prices continued to fall, especially for noble alloys.