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Ilva: redundancies confirmed

Disclosure - 12 October 2017
Ilva Taranto

The planned trade union negotiations for the handover are slowing down.

4000 redundancies (including managers, executives, clerks and workers) were confirmed to the unions in a joint letter presented by Am Investco Italy and the Extraordinary Administration, an issue on which the unions are unlikely to change their minds, according to what emerged from the meeting held at the Italian Ministry of Economic Development on Monday October 9, where they expressed their veto to the matter.

In order to select the employees, the new ownership will carry out selections according to a procedure that will be put in place by Am Investco taking into account the different technical, organisational and production needs and obviously in line with the industrial plan.

An opening, on the part of the owners, to all this seems to be taking place with the following statement:

we will consider some additional elements of remuneration related to current salary components, provided that the sustainability of the business plan is preserved

Breakdown of jobs:

  • Taranto 7600
  • Genoa 900
  • Novi Ligure 700
  • Milan 160
  • Other plants 240

Expected jobs in subsidiaries:

  • Ism 160
  • Ilvaform 35
  • Taranto Energy 90
  • merged executives 45

The government points out that the redundancies will be used in the conversion process of the Apulian site, while those who do not join will always be able to count on social shock absorbers.

Protests are planned on Monday by workers at the Genoa plant.