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Mittal summons to Senate for Ilva

Disclosure - 25 October 2017
Senate of the Republic

Maurizio Sacconi, chairman of the labour commission, invited representatives of AM Investco Italy.

Trade unions involved in the Ilva issue were again summoned to the Senate.

Fiom, Fim, Uilm, Ugl Metalmeccanici and USB appeared before the Labour Commission chaired by Maurizio Sacconi. The message stays almost unchanged from what has already emerged.

The joint demands reported by the Secretary of Uilm:

  • withdrawal of the procedure letter via Article 47
  • initiation of an open discussion on the industrial plan
  • rejection of the mechanism for reducing wages as the number of employees increases
  • retention of personnel on the payroll, even in discontinuities

The last point is to commit the new owners to hire all the workers and then employ them in the clean-up work until the steelworks are completed.

Fiom reiterated that it would like CDP to join AM Investco Italy in order to supervise the actual implementation of the industrial plan in compliance with the agreements with the workers.

Fim reiterated the need to protect the 7,000 Ilva workers for whom the social shock absorbers are about to expire.

Finally, Mr Ermeneglido Rossi, Secretary of UGL, hoped that the position adopted by Carlo Calenda, Italian Minister for Economic Development, would lead to a new industrial policy path.

At the end of the debate, President Sacconi announced that the Labour Commission would soon convene representatives of AM Investco to listen to the future owner’s requests.